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Southeastern Alaska

We Proudly Represent The Following Manufacturers in SOUTHEASTERN Alaska:

Acuity Brands Controls

Altman Theatrical, Architectural, Film and Video Lighting

American Electric Roadway, Security, Area, & Site

AFX AMERICAN FLOURESCENT Energy efficient lighting fixtures for residential and light commercial

Antique Street Lamps ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS Vintage and contemporary pedestrian scale poles and luminaries.

Architectural Lighting Systems ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS Vintage and contemporary pedestrian scale poles and luminaries.

Axis AXIS Clean, elegant, recessed and suspended lighting solutions.

Barron Lighting Group BARRON LIGHTING GROUP Emergency, LED, and induction lighting

Bega BEGA Architectural Shapes for Exterior Applications.

Beghelli BEGHELLI Emergency Lights & Exits

Best Lights Sports lighting

Camman Industries

C.W. Cole C. W. COLE Plugging Boxes, step & darkroom lights, Signage.

Concealite Emergency Lighting CONCEALITE EMERGENCY LIGHTING Architectural Emergency Ltg.

Contrast Lighting CONTRAST LIGHTING.

Cyclone CYCLONE Progressive Urban Exterior Lighting.

Davis / Muller DAVIS/MULLER - architectural pendants, bowls, and ceiling mounted.

Delray Lighting DELRAY LIGHTING Contemporary suspended and recessed lighting solutions in fluorescent, metal halide, and LED.

Delta Light Delta Light.

DVI DVI MODERN RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING LED lighting solutions for roadway, site, canopy, soffit, and wall sconces.

ELLIPTIPAR Asymmetric Lighting ELLIPTIPAR Asymmetric Lighting for Wallwashing and Indirect Ltg, Outdoo.

Edge Lighting Modern Indoor and Outdoor specification grade LED Lighting.

Estiluz ESTILUZ Tungsten Halogen, Torchiere, Sconces, & Pendants.

ETC Lighting solutions for Theater, Film & Television studios and Architectural spaces.

Forecast Lighting

Gotham Lighting GOTHAM LIGHTING Architectural downlighting and track.

Health Care Lighting

Hemera HEMERA - small scale architectural sconces, pendants, ceiling, floor, and table mounted luminaries.

Holophane Commercial and Industrial HID, fluorescent, outdoor architectural, and roadway.

Hubbell Building Automation HUBBELL BUILDING AUTOMATION Motion Sensors.

Hydrel HYDREL Landscape,ingrade, underwater, flood, step lights, and architectural building mounted lights.

Illuminating Experiences Interior and Exterior fixtures ranging from contemporary to Tuscan traditional.

Intense Lighting INTENSE LIGHTING Intense Lighting is a manufacturer of innovative architectural, commercial, and residential lighting.

Intrigue Lighting INTENSE LIGHTING Intense Lighting is a manufacturer of innovative architectural, commercial, and residential lighting.

Kirlin KIRLIN Downlighting, Security, & Pool Lighting.

Kurt Versen KURT VERSEN Architectural downlights for Lighting Designers.

Kurtzon Lighting KURTZON LIGHTING Sports, Clean Room, & Hazardous Lighting.

Ledalite Architectural LEDALITE ARCHITECTURAL Architectural Linear Lighting Systems

Leotek LEOTEK LED lighting solutions for roadway, site, canopy, soffit, and wall sconces.

Lighting Control and design

Lighting Science Group

Lighting Services Inc. LIGHTING SERVICES INC Track, Accent, Display, & Fibre Optics.

Limburg LIMBURG Contemporary glass lighting fixtures from Germany.

Litecontrol LITECONTROL Architectural Linear Lighting Systems.Website

Lithonia Lighting LITHONIA LIGHTING Residential Downlighting:Commercial & Residential Downlighting
Controls:- Dimming, Sensing, and Switching
Emergency:- Emergency Equip & Exit Lighting
Fluorescent:- Commercial & Industrial Lighting
Gotham:- Architectural Downlighting and Track
Hi-Tek:- Industrial & Outdoor HID Lighting
Outdoor:- Specification Outdoor Lighting
Reloc:- Modular Wiring System
Hydrel:- Outdoor, Landscape, Pool & Fountain
Peerless:- Architectural Direct/Indirect Linear Lighting

Louis Poulsen LOUIS POULSEN Distinctive Illumination for Architecture.

LSI Industries

Luca Light LUCA LIGHT LED lighting for library stacks.

Lucifer Lighting Low voltage light strip, track, downlighting and shelf.

Lux Dynamics LUX DYNAMICS Extruded aluminum T5HO lighting fixtures for gymnasium and industrial applications featuring a 10 warranty.

Mark Lighting Mark Lighting

McFadden Lighting MICHAELS LIGHTING Custom and Decorative Lighting.

Michaels Lighting MICHAELS LIGHTING Custom and Decorative Lighting.

Millerbernd MILLERBERND Area, High Mast, Street, Signal & Sign, & Decorative Poles.

Myers Power Products

Nulite NULITE Specialty Fluorescent.

Pace Illumination Indoor and Outdoor Decorative Designs.

Paramount PARAMOUNT .Marine, Industrial, Commercial, & Hazardous Lighting.

Peerless Lighting PEERLESS LIGHTING Contemporary Architectural indirect/direct linear lighting.

Philips Consumer Luminaire Corporation Residential LED, fluorescent, HID, and incandescent lighting.

PLC Multipoint PLC MULTIPOINT Photo Lighting Controls & Systems.

Poulsen POULSEN Distinctive Illumination for Architecture.

Precision Architectural Lighting PRECISION ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING Extruded Linear Lighting.

Primus Lighting Cove & indirect, wall washing, border & accent, outdoor and landscape lighting.

Prudential Lighting PRUDENTIAL LIGHTING Stock and Custom Fluorescent Lighting.

QUALITY LIGHTING QUALITY LIGHTING Area, Floodlighting, Garage, Building & Decorative.

Quattro Lighting QUATTRO LIGHTING - Contemporary and Classic Pedestrian scale exterior poles and lighting.

Rambusch Lighting RAMBUSCH LIGHTING High Performance Downlights, Indirects, Church Ltg.

Renaissance Lighting

Rig-a-lite RIG-A-LITE .Hazardous and Hostile Location Lighting.

Sea Gull Lighting Residential, Decorative, low voltage, and landscape lighting

Sensor Switch Controls

SPECLIGHT SPECLIGHT - specialty and custom high performance fluorescent lighting.

Structura STRUCTURA Contemporary poles and bollards feature wood for site lighting.

Sun Optics Daylighting solutions

Synergy Lighting Controls

Tech Lighting TECH LIGHTING 2thousand degrees Low voltage rail and cable lighting.

Thomas Lighting

Teron Lighting, Inc. TERON LIGHTING INC Teron and Echelon Series Indoor and Outdoor.

Traxon Technologies

Verve Lighting Systems Wireless lighting controls for new residential constructions

Vision3 Lighting Architectural lighting solutions for exterior landscape, accent, sign, and wall mounting

Vista Lighting Hospital and Commercial fluorescent lighting

Visual Lighting Technologies Fiber Optic Lighting.

Wayne Lighting Technologies Concrete bollards.

Zumtobel Lighting Recessed, Track, linear direct and indirect lighting.